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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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Here you go, MLB

Non-issue, and said as much from Cards' GM, amongst others. Seems to be fairly common, can argue however you like, I guess. Local sports radio from a team that just got embarrassed isn't the most unbiased source, though.

Anyway, seems like it's a common thing, and the opposite of a spitball or vasoline or whatnot. If anyone had a problem with it, it would have been dealt with. But since it seems that pretty much every pitcher is doing it...
Regardless.... doesn't anyone remember Galord Perry?

If you ain't cheatin, you ain't tryin...

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Between this 'controversy' and the whining over the (correctly) reversed call, I like that the Cards seem distracted. They're a young team, and if the manager is caught up in it too, they may take their cues from him and are going to have trouble focusing. Whine away, it means the Sox are in their heads...
Exactly... I wouldn't look past the Cards team though. This is new territory for much of the team, but they have proven the ability to get it together and come back.
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