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Re: Technological Stagnation

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We are talking bout technology.
The most important criteria for judging it are 'does it work?' and 'what can it do?'. NOT 'how flashy it is?' or 'how many quantum mechanical tricks does a device incorporates?':

If incremental advances will get us cheaply to LEO, then, at that point, these advances will transmute into a technological revolution.
If whatever newly discovered physical principle has little application in the technological field, then this principle does NOT constitute a technological revolution.

As for incremental technological advances - I merely pointed out how only slow, snail-paced advancements (nothing revolutionary) have been taking place in transportation since the seventies. This remains the case, regardless of whether some like this fact or not.
This is true really, transportation lags behind on an everday level..though there is a lot of research behind the scenes. Basically it seems as if our normal mode of transport is so ingrained there has been no need for a quantum leap from concept to commercial use. There is in fact some good development with flying cars (but I don't think these will ever be very useful). Also with efficient cars and robot vehicles; hyperloop is bringing an old tech that never matured back out with a potential to revolutionize med-range travel; Virgin Galactic is looking to bypass SST altogether and go straight to spaceplane commercial flights; space travel development is busier than it's ever been with multiple countries developing heavy lift rockets, as well as commercial companies easing into the new space race. The revolution there is in making it common and therefore cheaper.
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