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Re: Matt Smith would have stayed...

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However one positive of this is that Smith IS leaving. Am I the only one who has become utterly fed up with Smith? I can't wait to see the back of him. His whole era has just been breaks in the middle of series, badly written series finale's, and underwhelming episodes in general. It's time to say good bye.
How is Smith responsible for any of that? Those are writing/production/scheduling issues, not actor issues. Remember, Moffat will still be the showrunner when Capaldi arrives. So there's no reason to expect the writing style of the series to change much. And I think the midseason breaks are the BBC's decision, so there's no reason why recasting the lead actor would have any affect on them.

Hopefully Capaldi will bring a wind of change. he will be his own doctor instead of basing himself on the second doctor like Smith did. I don't want Capaldi to be the next first, third, or even sixth doctor, I want him to be his own doctor.
This is quite an overstatement. Smith may have drawn some inspiration from Troughton, but the two are extremely different in a lot of ways. Troughton's Doctor had a humble, gentle facade masking a sharp, commanding mind within; Smith's Doctor has more of a brash, overconfident, and self-congratulatory facade masking a more feckless and insecure personality. Smith's Doctor thinks he's the coolest guy in the room when nobody else does, and revels in being the center of attention; Troughton's was content to go unnoticed and underestimated, but had a way of quietly taking charge in a crisis through his sheer competence.
Smith isn't responsible for shitty episodes and bad production, that was mainly Moffat. I just don't particularly like how Smith plays the doctor. He's too full of himself, plus I feel Smiths era has been the weakest of the revived series.

Those are relatively minor differences. But you can't deny that Smith based himself on Trougthon a lot. The bow tie (which Smith went a bit more overboard with while Troughton thought nothing much of it), in later episodes they shared a similar coat, they have similar catchphrases such as "I see you've redecorated, I don't like it" which worked well with Troughton, but not so will with Smith. I'd say Smith is pretty much the younger version of Troughton. If Troughton was the first doctor and he had a prequel series with Smith as the doctor, Smith would pretty much be the perfect younger troughton. Smith is more self aware and proud of his looks, thus the fancy haircut, bow tie, and what is almost a tidier and fancier version of Troughtons outfit. But as time goes on, the doctor would grow up, stop caring about looks, and thus the bad haircut and tattier version of Smiths outfit on Troughton. You can see what I mean, Smith is just too similar to Troughton.
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