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Re: A more realistic approach to away teams

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I guess it depends on why they are beaming down in the first place. With the ship´s sensors they can gather pretty much all the information on fauna, flora, geology, etc. that they could ask for, so that "scouting away teams" are not such big a necessity, IMO. On the show they mostly beam down for a specific reason and thus to a specific place, not so much to just have a look around.


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^ Which is what happen in Descent, the Captain left the ship's doctor in command, along with the third string support crew.

When attacked by the Borg they did just fine.

We have Crusher to thank for that. Without her, I think we know what would have happened.
Picard should've been busted down to Ten-Forward dishwasher for leaving a capital ship in the command of the Chief Medical Officer during what could be a crisis situation. Either Picard should have stayed aboard or left Riker in command.
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