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Re: What would you say if....

A similar moment also happened on a Metro escalator many years back. Escalator culture in the Washington is basically this: stand to the right, walk to the left, do your best not to brush anybody. Yet even when you don't, one similarly bizarre man angrily tells you ''I'm standing here.'' Indeed. So I replied, ''And I'm walking up.'' SOP. These two individuals were clearly miffed, but let's reiterate. There was no physical contact in any case. Everybody was three feet apart. Nobody was blocked. They were stationary. I was moving. All previously written, so I'll leave it there. We're simply trying to get to work or home. (My major peeve is excessive noise, and believe me it's everywhere, especially on the Metro.) The point is that even for people who wait for other people to get off elevators and such, they're being chastised simply for walking by somebody else two or more feet away. People are angry. But if they get angry at this, imagine the true problems that could really set them off.

Again, the only question is, what can you tell them, seriously or sarcastically. Had I brushed them, it would have been ''I'm sorry.'' My reply this week to the woman was actually three parts, not all at once, but roughly over 30 seconds. In the end, in our own minds, no doubt we're both defending our honor. Assuming I actually have any...
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