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Well, my wi-fi network is all fucked up. I tried uninstalling, resetting and reinstalling my Cisco Linksys router with its Setup Cd and I get nothing but a message that it only supports certain OS. I get no other dialog boxes for installation.For now I've connected with an ethernet cable and tomorrow I'll try to fix this. If I can't then I'll just get a new router and start from scratch.
Rebooting the router may help. Sometimes there's a physical reset button on it (note, this will reset the router's admin password as well) if power cycling isn't enough.

Whether or not tweaking the settings helps depends on what kind of access control you had on there.
Yes, the router has a reset button and I tried that twice followed by reinserting the setup CD. I get nothing. Right now I can't even get the guest access. My iPad is connected by wi-fi in an unsecure setup and I will try to set up a password protection for it, but failing that I'll just scrap the whole thing for a new router.

Maybe...maybe it's just possible that Mavericks doesn't want to work with this older (2yers old) router, but I can't see why it shouldn't.
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