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Re: Commodores in command of Starships?

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CrazyMatt wrote:

I think Wesley was a member of Starfleet Command and a former starship commander--perhaps even as a commodore--and for some reason he replaced the Lexington's captain for the M-5 test mission.
On the other hand, the M-5 had been already tested in simulation and everybody expected this to be an uneventful practical test. I can't imagine one good explanation why the (assumed original) captain of the Lexington was not considered fit for such a menial task.
This would qualify quite a career blow, IMHO, and if this captain of the Lexington wasn't qualified to lead the ships in the war games excercise I'd have to ask what that starship captain was qualified for in the first place.
I think Wesley was Starfleet's "man in charge" of the M-5 project. Its failure was likely a major blow to his career and why he was Governor of the Mantilles colony in TAS.

I don't believe he was the regular captain of the Lexington.
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