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Re: Regarding Recent Star Trek Video Game....

In answer to Harbinger's question about if any one version is actually better than the others straight "out of the box"..... well, I can only vouch for the PS3 version, but within moments of playing I had encountered a bug where Spock had got me trapped in a corner in the Enterprise corridor and I had to restart the game because the daft bugger wouldn't move out of my way. It just got worse from there.

I agree with what GoRe Star said that ultimately the PC version will be the best because all the bugs will be patched one way or another (officially or otherwise), but I don't think any of them reach their potential. Which is a shame, because on paper I really really wanted this to be great.

ErikB above also sums up my view on the game. It's enjoyable enough on its own, it certainly has got its moments. But it isn't as spectacular as it could have (should have?) been. I think it's a game that would have merely been 'average' ten years ago in the late PS2 era when some of the bugs seen in the video above were actually still pretty common in a lot of games of the time. But in the cold light of 2013, in an era where games like the Arkham series, Fable, Uncharted, and GTA 5 have redefined what the benchmark is for this kind of thing..... the Star Trek game just falls flat on its face.
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