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I had the pleasure of watching that episode again last night right after my son went to bed.
I hope your son is still too young to watch Star Trek, otherwise I would have to wonder what kind of Dad you are...

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So what exactly would be the endgame when the timer ticked to zero and it was destruction time? Would Balok suddenly say "I changed my mind, I will tow you away now" anyway? Or would he have faked a sudden mechanical failure on the Fesarius?
I assume that he would have been somewhat impressed how Kirk and crew faced death and didn't beg for mercy. That could have been the mind changer to explain that they are kept alive for further examination and during the towing of the Enterprise he would have conducted the second character test (we saw in the episode).

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IMO: he's presented, in the end, as a sympathetic little guy with only the best of intentions, but he is in fact kind of a hardass who just happens to respect a worthy adversary.
I don't think so. He could have poisoned Kirk and company with his Tranya (and apparently they considered this possibility). A worthy adversary would have said "No, I won't take such a risk" (i.e. by drinking the Tranya Kirk and Co. revealed that they are not that "worthy" and far too trusting).

The cube at the beginning of the episode is a different thing. The crew of an unarmed space vessel could have been killed because of the increasing radiation. But then again, the cube could have been pre-programmed to have a mechanical failure before radiation levels really became lethal...

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