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Re: Commodores in command of Starships?

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So if Wesley is the captain of the Lexington, why... oh why does he wear a Starfleet Command patch? Shouldn't he have a separate patch along with the rest of the Lexington crew? Or if Decker's patch meant he's a fleet captain, why doesn't Wesley wear the same patch?

I think Wesley was a member of Starfleet Command and a former starship commander--perhaps even as a commodore--and for some reason he replaced the Lexington's captain for the M-5 test mission.
Which is a rationalization I find myself unable to believe.

If we have a look at TMP it already took Admiral Kirk obviously quite a lot of persuasion to replace Will Decker as the captain of the Enterprise - in a crisis situation where an unknown intruder was vaporizing (digitizing) everything in its path to Earth.

On the other hand, the M-5 had been already tested in simulation and everybody expected this to be an uneventful practical test. I can't imagine one good explanation why the (assumed original) captain of the Lexington was not considered fit for such a menial task.
This would qualify quite a career blow, IMHO, and if this captain of the Lexington wasn't qualified to lead the ships in the war games excercise I'd have to ask what that starship captain was qualified for in the first place.

Next, the command chair of the Lexington is noticably higher than the Enterprise's (and of the other starships we will see next like Exeter and Defiant).
Since "The Omega Glory" was produced right after "The Ultimate Computer" it doesn't seem to have been just a means to differentiate the command bridges (the actors sitting in the command chair provide sufficient clarity).

Personally, I've taken this as a hint that during TOS the Lexington is the flagship of Starfleet. This brought me to the next question, i.e. is there some kind of Starfleet tradition honoring the (current) flagship.

IMHO, the previously most accomplished starship is honored by adopting its insignia as the Starfleet uniform insignia for a period of something like seven years or so.

Hence, the Starfleet flower is the insignia of the Starship Lexington and Bob Wesley has been and still is its current commander.

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