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Re: What Are You Wearing?

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OT, today I am wearing NOT a pregnancy top, but an empire-style top that might as well be a pregnancy top...
I just want to re-state my love for empire-style tunics and shirts.

Today, one of my favourite outfits: All Blue (no, I don't have names for all of my outfits... well, not all of them ).

Dark blue jeans, dark blue jacket, electric blue shirt, dark blue tie, blue sneakers. If only I still had my hair dyed in blue, it would be quite an ensemble.

Exceptionally crappy pic today.


During my teens I dyed my hair in all kind of colors including red, purple and blue. I really really really wanted a white stroke like the Rogue from the X-men movie, but my parents wouldn't let me. Now, I'm going grey at age 25 exactly where Rogue has her stroke of white hair. That's what I get I guess, should have been more careful for what I wished for! I've made my peace with it though.

and back on topic:
Today I'm wearing my indoor cloths: dark grey sweats, a random shirt and my Tiger sweater.
(Don't worry, it's only good old Xip )
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