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Re: Most Attractive Male

As a teenager I liked Spock's angst, even though I had a life size poster of Kirk on the transporter pad on my bedroom door with the lip part worn out from over use.

I had a friend who was a huge Spock fan and even though we had no internet (because we were pathetically existing in the past, why Tom Paris idolizes such an era I have no idea) I knew that Spock was the hot one for all the tortured introverts out there. In the past you just knew things via osmosis which is what google was built on. And I was a tortured introvert. You can read all about us in David Gerrold's The World of Star Trek which details letters that the studio received from tortured lonely people who related to Star Trek.

And yet the pheromones that are the glorious man-ness of Captain James T. Kirk somehow leeched through my portable black and white tv with its snow and rolling picture and they uhh... FLIPPED a SWITCH in my barely adolescent brain.

I am not kidding here, I blame Captain James T. Kirk for making me a heterosexual.


"Damnit Spock. God damnit!" Kirk ST:V
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