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Re: High-Res First Doctor in "Day of the Doctor" Trailer: How?

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And while it's not the fault of the actors, I do think there was sort of a haphazard mindset behind the casting during the JNT era. It seemed like the mindset was less about finding the best actor and more about deliberately finding actors who contrasted with their predecessors.
Unlike Tom Baker - Jon Pertwee?

Colin Baker had a far more distinguished acting career than either of those two when he got the part and while he might have been best known for off-the-wall stuff on TV McCoy was and still is a respected stage actor.

Or to put it another way... They didn't write the scripts, design the costumes, build the sets, compose the music or turn the studio lights up way to high; so why do people act as if they were somehow responsible for the faults of their eras?
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