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Re: I really Like "Carbon Creek"

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You probably could have just started a new thread for this, rather than re-animating a dead one from over a year ago.
Seems like starting new thread is accepted here. Every other board I've participated in frowns on starting another thread where on exists. Thanks
Just to clarify how it seems to work here, Moderators generally seem to prefer not reactivating a thread over 6 months old. If you see a thread younger than that on the topic you want to discuss, add to that one. Otherwise, start your own.

Each sub-forum has its own individual mods, so their preferences may vary on how rigidly they enforce it. I don't think they'll use their agonizers on you though.
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HR, the Enterprise mod, only brought out the pain sticks if you posted spoilers for Into Darkness.

(rubs pain stick wound from months ago)

Beyond that... it really seems personal preference to the sub forum's mod to how selectively rules are enforced and on whom.
Ah, but that pain-stick scar makes you look so cool! And your humble moderator got to see the film almost spoiler-free. An unspoiled moderator is a happy moderator.

As for dredging up old threads, as long as you're adding something substantive to the discussion, we're fine with a thread that has lain dormant for a few months. A year is a bit long in the tooth, but y'all jumped right in with interesting discussion, so it's all good.

That being said, now that the threads can last almost forever without being pruned, I think a new thread that has less pages to backtrack through might be more appealing to newer posters who haven't weighed in on the topic. New voices and fresh opinions are always welcome.

I enjoyed "Carbon Creek." Jolene got to do a different character, and the fish out of water stuff was fun. I think it's the kind of change-of-pace episode we would have seen more of in Seasons 5-7, when a show is comfortable and well supported by TPTB and there's room to play around... but alas. I guess we're lucky we got shows like "Carbon Creek" and "North Star" early on, before the ax fell. I'll miss that musical ep they would have done in Season 6, tho.

Plus this episode was filmed up in the San Bernardino Mountains where some of my relatives lived, so I got a kick out of seeing the locations.
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