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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

I can see this forum is going to make me very sad.. my VCR is broken and I have no VOY on dvd (I have all of it on video).

I am hanging out for VOY to be released in the cheaper dvd format that TNG is.

Anyway.. I've always been primarily a VOY and DS9 fan though I started watching Trek as a teenager with TOS in the pre-TNG days. I love the DS9 story arcs and the VOY characters. 7 of 9 is my favorite character ever. I know many complain that VOY became the 7 of 9 show after a while and truly I understand that this would blow if you were not fond of her.. but I think she is fascinating and I was in heaven with all those 7 of 9 eps! I found myself thinking of 7 of 9 during a difficult period of my life--her story was inspiring to me.

VOY is also, IMHO, always incredibly entertaining. I remember when ENT began, after watching the first season I got out some of my VOY tapes to watch them. Wow, more went on in the first 5 minutes of a VOY ep than in a whole ENT episode. Fast paced, entertaining, colourful. Yes, cheesy perhaps in part but the characters were wonderful.

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