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adding to the scenes already listed here, one that is often underrated is the one from the episode “Is There in Truth No Beauty?”. Kollos addresses Kirk, McCoy and Uhura as Spock knows them:
Spock: This is delightful! I know you! All of you!
James Kirk, captain and friend for many years.
And Leonard McCoy also of long acquaintance.
And Uhura, whose name means “freedom.” She walks in beauty like the night.

McCoy: [to Kirk] That’s not Spock!
Spock: Are you surprised to find that I’ve read Byron, doctor?
McCoy: [to Kirk] That’s Spock!

what is interesting about this is that unless you think that Kollos could be so familiar with ancient earth poetry and he could know that "Uhura" comes from the Swahili (ancient earth language) word uhuru that means "freedom", you now know that Spock looked for the meaning of her name and he reads poetry in regards to her. (and after all Kirk and McCoy are really his friends too, no?)

I don't think people are saying there was a Spock/Uhura thing in tos and they don't need to prove anything here to validate the romance being canon in the reboot that is an alternate reality

I think that people are simply saying that the idea of them together isn't so "crazy" and non canon because there were hints even in the old trek that:
a- they were attracted to each other
b- it could have been an idea that the tos writers had too but due to the time being too racist and bigot they gave up.
So it isn't so far fetched to put them in an actual relationship in an alternate reality where they met each other under different circumstances, sooner and younger than in the prime timeline.
You know that thing called "what if?" This is what alternate realities should be for.
This exactly expresses my position, too.

And, thanks for the observation about Is There In Truth No Beauty? Your point about that episode is something that's absolutely clear in hindsight, but which I had failed to notice.

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I also have no idea how the Kelvin exploding made Carol Marcus not only like Star Fleet but be an officer
Perhaps the Kelvin incident changed her father, and thereby the relationship he had with her, which in turn altered the course of her life.
And Carol in Starfleet is nothing new. A lot of STID and ST09 makes me wonder how extensive of use the writers made of sites like Memory Alpha and Memory Beta on top of the books they used.
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