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Re: McCoy's Gorn Statement

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You can bash that old Gorn design all you want, but honestly I hope if they ever do bring the Gorn back they try and design a modern suit/costume based on it. Eliminate the cheese using modern materials and know-how. I really was not big on the CGI Gorn from IAMD, or the Veloci-Gorn from the game.
Somehow, I always thought of the Gorn as being similar to the Elites from Halo, just subtract the split lip. Some of the smarter/officer-type Gorn from the game really fit that for me, especially that red bastard that throws the teleporter pods around.

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Technically they did appear on an Episode of ENT, but that was in the mirror universe, and despite the name it's pretty obvious that it is a standard parallel universe similar to the JJverse.
But as I mention above they were mentioned by name in the episode Bound.
I just assumed that the wormhole device was the Gorn's normal means of interstellar transportation; the Helios device merely amplified it.
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