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Re: Commodores in command of Starships?

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The only Commodore I know of in the current US Navy is a commander of a submarine squadron. The captain of a submarine is an 0-5 rank (Commander). He is called captain because Navy convention is anyone in charge of a vessel is called captain.
The US Navy has a number of positions for captains that carry the title of commodore besides COMSUBRON: destroyer squadron, amphibious squadron, mine countermeasures squadron and so on, even commanders of construction (Seabee) regiments.

I don't know for sure but I think if a commodore was on board a boat and the captain was incapable of command the XO would take over command of the vessel not the Commodore. Same goes for admiral/captain aboard an Aircraft Carrier.
That's right, succession to command would go through the vessels own chain of command, which an admiral would not be part of.
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