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Re: Thoughts on Season 5

"Someone to Watch Over Me"

Oh, how I love this episode! I'm a sucker for romance anyway, the older I get. I just loved it. Seven letting her hair down, her date going poorly (snapping a whole lobster in half!), Doc falling in love, Doc insulting her with his bet, then Doc taking a seat in the FRIEND ZONE! And Doc playing the piano and singing at the end, with the "Thanks for the Memories" gift sitting on the piano and the ship quietly impulsing off. I was so sad when the roses scene was just an illusion. Jerri Ryan, like Jolene Blalock, has a really tough job of being cold yet showing enough small hints of humanity here and there to be intriguing (and of course, being beautiful doesn't hurt). The vulnerability in Seven's eyes when she asked the Doctor what he wanted to say to her...I loved it. And there were some wonderfully humorous lines and some innuendo throughout this episode. The singing augments in DS9? That was okay. But the singing in this episode was just wonderful. Wonderfully executed, edited, acted, everything. I know this isn't the "Trekkest" or most scifi of episodes. But more like this, please.
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