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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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Slightly different issue though... the point is that initially Jamie couln't read at all, not that he couln't read other languages ( would hos native language be English or Gaelic, I wonder)
That's why I wondered if there might have been a teaching gizmo somewhere in the TARDIS. I'm sure the Doctor and the other Companions (Polly and Ben were also Companions when Jamie joined) would have encouraged him to learn to read.
There's a moment when some aliens are scanning Jamie's brain (either "The Domintors" or "The Krotons") and they note that, while his brain is relative primitive, there is evidence of recent rapid learning.

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Just finished watching The Sun Makers, first time I've ever seen it. It was ok, I'd probably rate it about average really. Even spread over four episodes it felt somehow too short, and the way Mandril and other characters flipped between wanting to kill/support the Doctor, and from cowardly/brave was somewhat jarring.

Still it's always nice to see a story one hasn't seen before, it's especially nice to see more of Leela, and it has the bonus of Michael Keating in a proto-Vila role as well--nice to see him heavily involved in the extras too.
I love Leela in "The Sun Makers." "Run, Doctor! It's the Gatherer!" "Perhaps everyone runs from the tax man?"
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