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Re: Is TAS worth watching?

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I agree a lot of modern Trek has TAS references, but some of TAS may have trouble been classified as canon (like the whole Kzinti/Larry Niven backstory) where Earth has been involved in wars with the Kzinti.
Sure, there have been episodes of TAS that later Trek has contradicted. But you can say the same about episodes of live-action shows, like TOS: "The Alternative Factor" (which contradicts both prior and subsequent Trek in its portrayal of antimatter and dilithium) and VGR: "Threshold" (which has been renounced as apocryphal by its own writer). Or about The Final Frontier, whose portrayal of the center of the galaxy being just 20 minutes' travel away was thoroughly ignored by DS9 and VGR. Sometimes a canon reinterprets or disregards parts of itself that don't fit later ideas.
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