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Re: DS9R - Should I go back?

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Hello everyone!

I was considering picking back up on the DS9 Relaunch. I gave up on it when I started reading "Rough Beasts of Empire." I found really depressing and boring. But I have seen that the series has continued on pretty consistently and I've enjoyed every OTHER David R George novel but "Rough Beasts."

Should I give it a go? Is it worth my time, effort, and money? And if I do, where do I go next?

Thanks for the input!
"RBoE" was very divisive amongst the board. Since then it has served more to serve the greater Typhon Pact storylines than it's own, so it's not what it was before.

That being said, the next entry on the series by David R George "Plagues of Night/Raise the Dawn" 2-parter is a much better read, and where i would next head.
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