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Re: Matt Smith would have stayed...

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Much as I'm looking forward to seeing Capaldi... I have to admit it would be fun to see more adventures with Tennant's Doctor.

It's a shame Moffant and/or the BBC don't see the value in bringing back the previous Doctors for one-off specials. A new hour-long story with Seven, Eight, or Ten would surely pull in huge ratings, and would still leave plenty of time in the year for the current Doctor to make his mark.

I really doubt audiences would be confused by the idea or anything.
Our Neighbors across the Pond have a Channel Called UK Gold or something similar (don't they?) that plays old Reruns of shows (Similar to our TVLand or others).

Our TVLand has made at least one new Series (The Betty White one with Valerie Bertinelli, Wendy Malick and I think Jane Leeves), so, yea it would be cool if they could make a "wheel" of a different Classic Doctor each week having a new Adventure and air it on the Classic Rerun Channel. 2 or 3 adventures each a year (for a 10 or 15 episode Series) Especially if we were to lose Big Finish Audios.*

*Of course they would have to sell the show to America so we could watch it too.*
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