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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

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He had been given little incentive to learn to use it better. Surely SHIELD could have made a project of him and found a way to enhance his natural ability much like the Extremis did.
I'm with Mixer on this. SHIELD probably recognized that Chan's personality didn't lend itself to handling power well, and that it was safer for everyone to encourage him to restrain his power. Raina and her Centipede cohorts didn't care how much damage he did to himself or others; they were just using him.

Why was it necessary for May to inject him with the Extremis then? It was her double-dose that set him off.
He was already starting to burn up, but he could've killed Coulson or others before he died. May just accelerated the process, in order to incapacitate him so he couldn't do further harm.

He is a human who is both fireproof and able to create (and control) flame from his hands. Limited or not that isn't someone you let walk around unutilized in a world where Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow are considered superheroes.
Remember what Coulson said to Mike at the climax of the pilot. What makes those people heroes isn't their power, but their character, who they are inside. Just because Chan had a superpower, that doesn't mean he could've been a superhero. As we clearly saw here, offering him a heroic role and a power boost just went to his head and made him more dangerous.

Indeed, the show seems to be doing something rather subversive here. Between Mike and Chan, we've seen two instances where the fantasy of being a superhero has been a corrupting influence or a dangerous delusion. It led Mike to nearly kill his boss when he decided the man was a "villain," and here it fired up Chan's ego and ambition to dangerous degrees. This isn't surprising, given how most of Whedon's ouevre has been about questioning or deconstructing conventional ideas of good and evil.

Who says Extremis was even the reason he was able to perform at that level?
Umm, the script? There's nothing saying otherwise except your wishes, and wishing doesn't make it so.

How would they even know that his powers would be enhanced?
Why wouldn't they? It enhanced Mike's abilities, making him stronger, faster, quicker-healing, etc. And remember, the Centipede formula isn't just Extremis, but a mix of that, a gamma radiation source, and a knockoff of Erskine's supersoldier serum. It enhances normal abilities, so why wouldn't it enhance a paranormal one?

And heck, they didn't really care whether it did enhance his abilities or not. They just wanted to lure him in to harvest his platelets. If the injection hadn't boosted his powers, they would've still found an excuse to harvest his blood.

This is the most powerful naturally occurring (not engineered or the result of an experiment gone wrong) meta-human ability we have seen in the MCU.
Actually they did say something about him being near a fire at a nuclear power plant, so it's not an innate power.
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