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Re: Nostalgia of old tv sets

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As for this fetish for analog, it is misplaced. The world around us is analog, although I imagine some physicists might debate that. The point is, there is abundant analog-digital conversion going on, in both directions, with consumer media. Digital has a variety of advantages, especially in the areas of signal fidelity and data compression.
Absolutely agreed, but I think there is an argument for experiencing various media in the original forms their creators intended -- or at least expected. For example, silent film buffs prefer theatrical screenings with live accompaniment.

When I do see hi-res TOS, production shortcomings are immediately evident; the seams on Spock's ears, for example. Not that I demand black and white or snow; not at all! (I get more bent out of shape if the frame ratio is changed.)

It's all good, and hopefully we'll all always be able to pick and choose formats.
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