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@ King Daniel. I like you points. You give me a lot to think about. I just think the Terminator example is a better example to a predestination/pogo paradox. In Terminator, Skynet and John Connor create their own futures by interfering with the past. Sarah Connor would've never had John or known to train and leave him information if she hadn't been threatend by a Terminator and if Kyle Reese hadn't dumped a massive amount of spoilers on her. Compare to FC where Cochrane was already planning to conduct his warp flight without any influence from future travelers. The funny thing is, when Cochrane has spoilers of the future dumped on him by the ENT-E crew. Cochrane tries to run away and abandon his destiny. You don't even need the Borg to sabotage history. The heroes will do it for you!

@GoRe Star You also gave me a thought. I don't think Archer haters would object to this. But WHAT IF Archer was the instigator of the "decades of war" with the Klingons? With all the boneheaded things he did in ENT. Would this really surprise anyone?
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