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Re: The Vampire Diaries & The Originals

So the wolf watching Haley was not just some fluke thing to make us think WTH? The wolf evidently follows her and is her protector. Once again they pointed out the mark on her shoulder. I think she is part of a very old and powerful werewolf clan. Did you hear the wolf howling out in the woods as she was getting ready to escape the house?

I think Klaus showed his hand a bit too early in relation to Davina. Perhaps she will keep her mouth shut and Marcel will be none the wiser?

Marcel is not as all powerful as he first appeared. His secret weapon is growing weary of her confinement and that priest seems to have something over him. Plus, his other vamps seem to be nursing a grudge over him bricking up his right hand man.

The compulsion Klaus used on Cami shows that he is still a very much an end justifies the means kind of guy.

I am glad that Elijah is out of the box.

I think Rebecca envies Haley and is beginning to like the wolf girl just a bit.

Sophie was conspicuous by her absence. I guess next week she will have to deal with the fallout of a few of the witches betraying her.
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