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Gotta disagree with the "bad acting". Pine, Quinto and Saldana are just fine, the only issue is the work they're given which makes their characters unlikable. I cite the moment Spock praises Kirk for his decision not to use the torpedoes as a great example of what they two actors could pull off if they were given writing that more or less aligned better with what we had in TOS. It's the same characters, but Pine and Quinto make it their own and I'm able to buy them as the characters. Hopefully this is the kind of portrayal we'll get more of in future films.

And yeah, the Klingon Empire does seem ridiculously close. The most curious thing however is that the neutral zone seems to be WITHIN Kronos' system. While the Enterprise is sitting in the neutral zone, you can see Kronos from a distance. If that's how far the Klingon Empire expands, then I can't understand what makes them a great threat. Heck, they don't even intercept the stolen ship that Kirk drives until it's in their own atmosphere! Talk about poor planetary defense.
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