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Re: What Are You Wearing?

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A shirt with one of my favourite mathematical conundrums on it

And my 'fat pants' pair of jeans.

I do need to update my wardrobe one day. It's hard to commit to fine clothing though when you're not sure whether your mass is going to increase, decrease or stay the same.

Has anyone else ever had to deal with this problem? I don't want to spend $500 and then discover that my body's changed shape in six months.
I've been anywhere from 140 to 220 (up and down and up and down again over the past 15 years) and now I'm pregnant and have to get yet another entire wardrobe for that. Two actually, one for work and one for weekends. Don't even ask me what I've spent in bras over the years. But I feel better when my clothes fit properly and complement whatever shape I am at the moment, so it's worth it to me. Shop sales, or thrift or consignment stores. There's always a way to stretch your dollars. (I also trade clothes with my sister, who always seems to be at the opposite point from me in her weight swings, but I'm lucky in that.)

OT, today I am wearing NOT a pregnancy top, but an empire-style top that might as well be a pregnancy top... purple and red tie-dye-ish pattern, 3/4 sleeves and I think the collar situation counts as a boat neck. Dark grey pants, black socks and the same clogs as ever.
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