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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

That Guy...Who Was in That Thing - Netflix Instant
Kathleen Madigan: Madigan Again - Netflix Instant
The Seven Year Itch - Netflix Instant
How to Marry a Millionaire- Netflix Instant
Do the Right Thing - Netflix Instant
Evil Dead 2: Dead Before Dawn - Netflix Instant
Escape from Planet Earth - Netflix Instant
Kevin Nealon: Whelmed, But Not Overly - Netflix Instant
Grave Encounters - Netflix Instant
Grave Encounters 2 - Netflix Instant
Steven Wright: When the Leaves Blow Away - Netflix Instant
Brother Bear 2 - Netflix Instant
Gravity 3D - theater
24: Redemption - Netflix Instant
Small Soldiers - Netflix Instant
Highlander II: Renegade Version - Netflix Instant
Anytown, U.S.A. - Netflix Instant
Room 237 - Netflix Instant
Real Injun - Netflix Instant
Smoke Signals - Netflix Instant
Martin & Lewis(2002) - Netflix Instant
Machete Kills - matinee
Movie 43 - Netflix Instant
Paranormal Activity 4: Unrated Edition - Netflix Instant
The Amityville Haunting (2011) - Netflix Instant
My Amityville Horror - Netflix Instant
Captain Phillips - matinee
Screwballs II: Loose Screws - Netflix Instant
The Golden Child - Netflix Instant
48 Hrs. - Netflix Instant
Another 48 Hrs. - Netflix Instant
Supernatural Activity - Netflix Instant
Last Vegas - free advance screenin'
Don Jon - employee admission

Came down to Austin yesterday, and since I knew I would be here, I planned ahead & got a pass for an advance screenin' of Last Vegas at the Alamo Drafthouse Lakeline last night.

The movie was cute, but not really funny. The stuff that got the biggest laughs in the theater was stuff that was in the trailer, so it wasn't as funny seein' it the second or third time (I've seen the trailer a couple of times already). Kevin Kline got some good jokes in, though. Kinda clever, but not laugh out loud awesome. And a light hair color for Michael Douglas is not a good thing at all, made him look old & washed out.

Went to my old Alamo Drafthouse this mornin' to check in with my former boss, let him know I'm still alive and trying to get back to Austin. He wasn't in, but the counter guy remembered me and gave me an employee ticket for Don Jon.

That one was freakin' awesome. Direct, honest, and almost brutal. Well worth checkin' out and I'm glad I finally got in to see it!

Wish I could just spend the day at the Drafthouse like I used to when I worked for 'em, but I can't...

Next movie I watch will be on Netflix Instant again.
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