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Re: I really Like "Carbon Creek"

Melakon wrote: View Post
I had a different reaction when I reviewed this a few months back. Showing us the purse doesn't prove that any of what she told Archer and Trip was true. For all we know, the purse might have been purchased by T'Pol herself. The Velcro mention suggested to me that T'Pol had only studied enough of Earth history to fabricate the whole thing and fill it with convincing details. Her reply to Trip, "You asked me to tell you a story," also suggests she might have simply made it up on the spot.
I don't agree (obviously ). There is no reason to show us that purse on Enterprise unless to strongly indicate that T'Pol's "story" was in fact true. If fact, T'Pol's service record did provide positive proof she went to Carbon Creek. T'Pol's comments to Trip were part of her personality. She made the same sort of comments in Harbinger while sipping a cup of tea. She did have a funny, if not dry sense of humor.

Melakon wrote: View Post
You probably could have just started a new thread for this, rather than re-animating a dead one from over a year ago.
Seems like starting new thread is accepted here. Every other board I've participated in frowns on starting another thread where one exists. Thanks

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I would indeed call it a filler episode, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. But to say it provides character insight to T'Pol is a stretch to say the least. Really the only bit of characterization we got from her(T'Mir doesn't count really) is that she's nostalgic and isn't above yanking Archer and Tucker's chains a bit.
It's a bit of a stretch if you don't believe (or don't want to believe) it to be true.

GoRe Star wrote: View Post
Velcro was invented before Sputnik as has been pointed out many times. I figured T'Mir just figured the logical thing to do was con a guy who didn't know better, knowing it really wouldn't change their evolution or technological progress. Knowing what happened to Mestral would be interesting, but dedicating a whole other episode to it would be a bit much.
Nylon Velco however was not invented prior to Sputnik, as I indicated. Look it up, it fits nicely into what was portrayed in the episode. We ding them all the time for screwing things up, it's more than fair to credit them when they get it right.

I always wanted the series to touch base with Mestral again, sad they didn't. One option could have been for T'Pol to mention that he was present at First Contact, then returned to Vulcan.
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