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I just saw the movie. Is's another horrible JJ Trek film. First, I'll name the few good things in this movie. Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, Lenonard Nimoy and Benedict Cumberbatch are good actors, and did well with what they had. Cumberbatch was cast horribly as Khan, but he's a good actor and did as well as he could with the role. As for scenes I liked, it was hilarious when Kirk was trying to beat up Khan, and Khan weasn't effected at all.

Now that the positive is out of the way, I'll talk about the negative. This isn't all the negative stuff, and I'm not going through the whole story, but these are just things that come to mind. The overall story was fairly stupid. Kirk being relieved of command was fairly pointless, and (just as a relevant tech thing) a ship as big as the JJ Prise is not going to be traveling in gravity, much less act as a submarine.

There were a few scenes where I think the bad tech officially went from "only fans will get angry" to "makes no sense regardless of wether you care about it or not". The klingon neutral zone is far away from Starfleet, yet you can not only teleport there with a small module made of bullshit. It was stupid when it happened in the first movie, at this point, scotty's "formula" has basically made transporting over almost unlimited distance possible, although to be fair the Klingon homeworld, as shown in the movie, is apparently only a 5 minute warp trip away. So, I guess iuts not that far to transport If the klingon neutrtal zone/homeworld were that close, the klingons would have invaded long ago. Its practically on the federation's doorstep. Based on how long it took the Enterprise to get from their to earth its actually probably closer to Earth than Vulcan was in the first JJ Trek movie. Also, warp is not like going down a river, and you cannot be knocked out of some stupid "warp stream" like what the dreadnought did to the JJprise.

When it comes to the villains, the klingons looked horrible. They've never looked that bad before, this is easily the worst make up job they ever had. Khan was acted as well as he could, and he was slightly interesting, but he wasn't very similar to the actual Khan. He was just a smart villain with the same name.The dreadnought was a weird idea, and there is no way in hell it could be flown by one guy. Admiral Marcus's plan was stupid, and he was a moron. Starting a war with klingon's was going to happen eventually anyway? In Star Trek VI, similar thinking made sense in the context of the movie. In this case, he was obviously crazy, and I have no idea how he could build a huge Starship in the solar system with no info being leaked at all.

Just for the record, The Wrath of Khan is my favorite movie of all time. so, ripping off its ending really pissed me off more than most. That said, I don't think I've read many review, even positive ones, were anyone thought that rip off (with Spock's "KHAAAAAAAAAN" scream) was a good idea. The magic blood was a complete cop out, and really stupid. I really wish they had just killed Pine off. that would have been awesome.

Now, for characters I haven't mentioned. Pine, Quinto and Saldanna were, once again, the unholy trinity of horrible actors. They don't have any ability to act at all and that, combined with being badly written characters, was a terrible combination. Spock/Uhura's little lover's spat was particularly annoying. Spock was also super emotional for what felt like half the movie. I wish old Spock had been on the ship to slap his whiny other universe self. I also have no idea how the Kelvin exploding made Carol Marcus not only like Star Fleet but be an officer, but besides that she was fairly bland and I didn't care about her one way or another.

Overall, while this was horrible, it was slightly better than the first one. Partially because I had no expectations for it being good, and partly because a few slightly interesting things did happen. The special effects were decent, and even if the warp core looked like a bunch of car engines stuck together atleast it looked like an actual room instead of a pipe maze sometimes.

I gave the movie an F in the poll, and if I were to give it a numbered grade, it would be a 2/10 (which is better than ST09's 0/10).
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