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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

Greg Cox wrote:
Not Klingon mind shredders?
Nah, they're murder on the electric bill. Stick with the classics.

It's a concept, not a history book.
Quite true. Although in fairness, narrative points of reference -- if not necessarily entire "continuities" per se -- can become strongly identified with a concept. If we're seeing a version of Batman, whatever else we see, we still expect him to be a billionaire motivated by the death of his parents, with a butler named Alfred and a secret identity as CEO of Wayne Enterprises and so on. If we're seeing the story of King Arthur, we expect the sword in the stone and Merlin and Morgan le Fey and Mortdred and for the Grail Quest to come up at some point, and so on.

So I guess the question is, does Trek as a concept have any organically-grown narrative points of reference like that, things that people have come to expect alongside the bare-bones concept, costumes, technologies and general somewhat-more-ambitious-than-pulp sensibility (assuming people even agree on all those things as necessary to the concept)? I think the answer to that is probably "no" -- Trek has told diverse enough stories hung around similar basic settings and the same concept for long enough that it doesn't need any particular anchoring continuity or set of characters. One could even say that trying to gesture at the old continuity is probably best left alone -- unless one is really sure of having an actually stronger dramatic take on it than the original material did.

Timewalker wrote:
there's really no reason to think that there are any of the Doctor Who TV stories that do not take place in the original Whoniverse (not gonna get into the spinoffs of K-9 & Company, Torchwood, or the Sarah Jane Adventures, because I haven't seen them).
Torchwood was good, I thought. Captain Jack Harkness is a pretty great character.

I have to confess I'm not really sure what Doctor Who "continuity" even really means. Seems like all sorts of fudging ought to be possible in a series based on time travel, and I have to admit I find references to "fixed points in time" in the new shows totally confusing. Fortunately it usually matters little to following any particular episode or story arc.
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