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Re: I really Like "Carbon Creek"

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. . .she does indicate to us by revealing her "mother's mother's mother's" purse that the story she has told us is true. . .

I had a different reaction when I reviewed this a few months back. Showing us the purse doesn't prove that any of what she told Archer and Trip was true. For all we know, the purse might have been purchased by T'Pol herself. The Velcro mention suggested to me that T'Pol had only studied enough of Earth history to fabricate the whole thing and fill it with convincing details. Her reply to Trip, "You asked me to tell you a story," also suggests she might have simply made it up on the spot.

Though it is a wonderfully executed episode, with picturesque location shooting and fine performances, and perhaps J. Paul Boehmer's best role in Star Trek.

You probably could have just started a new thread for this, rather than re-animating a dead one from over a year ago.
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