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Re: Australian Trekbbsers

The NSW Rural Fire Seevice lists all the controlled burns they do on their website and there seems to be a lot of them.

Down here, my city council conducts many control burns on their land. About 1/3 of my city (Clarence City - one of the three cities that make up Greater Hobart) is bushland. I am not sure who carries out control burns on non-council land.

One of my friends lives near Bicheno. She was complaining about how few burn offs were being in her region. She was blaming the Greens. I pointed out that it was likely that her council probably couldn't afford to carry out as many burn offs as were neccessary. Her municipality only has 5000 people compared to 53000 in mine and her municipality includes far more bush.

I imagine rural councils in NSW would have the same problems with lack of funding.

The Greens here complain about, and are trying to stop, forest regeneration burns which are very different thing to hazard reduction burns.
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