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Re: Pre TOS star cruiser....

I've taken physical detailing about as far as I'm comfortable with except for just a little bit of something I want to add to the well around the upper saucer dome. Then it's on to running lights, windows and signage as well as a bit of creating the look of some panels with slightly different tones (something I've actually already started as I went). Like the clipper I want to exercise restraint in terms of the number of windows used.

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I concur that the design evokes the Art Moderne movement, and I love it. The simple, streamlined shapes contrast nicely with the blockier detailing of the "greasy bits" to give a good sense of verisimilitude, and along with the squat nature of the design, feel more primitive than TOS without being clunky.
The use of horizontal lines does break up the overall chunky or weighty look of the design as well as suggesting speed and motion. The detailing on the secondary hull, particularly at the front, suggests something 1920-'30s rocketship or locomotive to me. The whole idea was to use shapes and lines to suggest bulkier systems and technology without having a design that looks awkward and ungainly. Note that in my pre TOS designs I also eschew the use of elaborate lighting effects (like lighted nacelle inserts) and excessive surface detailing seen in other versions of Trek. This is to try for something that could conceivably fit within the TOS universe, something the designs of ENT fail with in my view.

On this point I particularly like how my clipper design came out. The saucer alone ties it to the Trek universe, but the rest creates a sense of a construct from about a century pre TOS yet without looking overly derivative or ungainly.

I'm already beginning to consider my next project. I'm thinking of shifting gears and coming back to the pre TOS era later. Next I'm thinking of tackling what I call the TOS era Masao-class destroyer. Masao made some detail changes to FJ's destroyer/scout design and I'm thinking of fleshing it out further. The major departures from FJ are incorporating the nav deflector into the dorsal, adding a connecting structure between the dorsal and the warp nacelle and (my idea) incorporating some form of small hangar facility aft of the B/C deck superstructure. While the saucer is essentially a Connie hull I would alter the arrangement of some of the windows.
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