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Re: NEMESIS: the good, and not so bad.

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2. The Remans - what!
If it were me tasked with rewriting the film I would have no problem with keeping the Remans in the film; but in my version they would be Romulans that live and work (some originally by choice of ancestors and others forced) on Remus.

They would be a subclass of 'undesirables', still used as canon fodder by the Romulan Empire during the Dominion war but they would be Romulan.

This could then have been used to explain why Nero and his mining crew looked so different, they were from Remus in a unified Romulus after the end of NEM.

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There’s not an original idea in this wretched film, in Star Trek VI, there was a ship that could ‘fire whilst cloaked’.
At least in this film they didnt sit round and tried to fire back at their unseen enemy
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