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Re: So what's with all the Archer hate?

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I had no problems with Bakula's acting, but I don't see how he could not come across as smarmy with the dialogue they gave him.
Captain Archer frankly reminded me of President Bush, and the fact that I actually LIKE Archer is either a testament to Bakula's acting ability, natural charisma, or both.
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I never saw him as smarmy. Now Riker, HE is smarmy.
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However, it is true in the first couple seasons, Archer comes off as stiff, unsure of himself, and while I wouldn't say he was a bigot, I didn't like his preconceptions of Vulcans at first. At least Archer did evolve though.

I attribute this to more of the writers WANTING to convey that Archer and the NX01 crew were in new territory, and wanted to write them with a certain amount of naivety and make sure we knew this wasn't a polished, 24th century Federation ship and crew, but just missed SOMETHING about the writing and it seems a bit forced. Maybe it was because they had many of the same writers and they were still used to writing for the 24th century era and were having trouble transitioning? I dunno.
What I found compelling about Sam Beckett played by Bakula was that he was always uncertain of himself. Almost every episode was not about himself. Instead, he endeavored to understand the character he inhabited and the relationships with the people around him or her. He developed an affection for those people. The only time I thought he was a dick was when Sam and Al switched placed, and all the details of his like returned to his consciousness.

As Archer, Bakula could channel the same uncertainty and caring about the other, particularly in episodes like Minefield and Observed Effect. It's when he tried to assert himself that I thought he came across as smarmy: whenever he expressed his frustration that his starry eyed dreams of exploration weren't coming true, or when he had to pitch a fit about interference from the Vulcans or from Daniels.
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