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We don't know how reliable and consistent those "other ways" are, there does seem to be a reluctance to employ them.
transporters that can de-age and re-age people with a couple of button presses, the genesis effect which can raise the dead, replicators that can make replicate tissue, and ect.

All these one off wonders the federation always seems to forget about at the end of the episode.
When Tasha Yar was killed on an away mission, Doctor Crusher's first medical procedure wasn't to immediately feed the body through the transporter using Tasha's pattern from when she last beamed down. The fact that they do not routinely employ this "easy fix" indicates that there something wrong with employing it. There's a reason it isn't the standard.

Replicators have a problem producing living organisms or flesh. It wasn't possible to simply replicate a new lung for Neelix. Nor could they scan Picard's vascular and muscle tissues and replicate a new heart for implantation into his chest.

Finding a life-less planet to "Genesis-cide" every time you want to raise someone from the dead might be difficult. Plus Spock's resurrection could have involved a series of coincidences, misunderstood events and exact timings that would prove impossible to reproduce.

Hartzilla2007, these people can't even restore Geordie's natural sight.

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