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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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I answered Prime - not because I know what "fans" want - (I don't think I really do, not well anyway) - but because when I think of Prime I was thinking of the Trek that came before the two Abrams films, as all being "Prime" and of all that, my favorite was in that group.
It's called Prime because the credits of 2009's Star Trek labeled Nimoy's character as Spock Prime. Prime Trek refers to his timeline.
Is Prime timeline everything except Abrams movies? Or is Prime Timeline anything about Kirk & Company?
Technically NuTrek would be part of Prime Trek, as much as the Mirror universe, especially if you can get Nimoy's character back to his timeline in the third movie.
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If they're going to toss the last 40 years and start over, they should just develop some other SF series that includes spaceships, heroic captains, aliens, etc. It seems to me as though they only want to call it "Star Trek" because it's a recognized brand name.
Isn't this an argument against your point? Why should a new series featuring a new ship and crew be called Star Trek other than they simply want to exploit the brand name?
It comes back to the continuity issue. Some would argue Star Trek isn't it's continuity but I would say it's a part of it. A mythos to the adventure. Is Star Wars the only one left that's OK with that concept? I haven't watched Doctor Who but they're continuous too right?
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