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Re: So what's with all the Archer hate?

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Thanks for reminding me. I couldn't believe that Bermaga would set up Vulcans as obstructionists after being portrayed for years as loyal friends of humanity.
That was ridiculous. I can understand the Vulcans wanting humanity to take their time and advise caution--space is a dangerous place--and may have their own policies on not sharing technology, but I don't see why they would commit so many resources to helping humanity just to hold them back and then moan.
My theory: They weren't that way in Original History. Foreknowledge of the Borg - gained from discussion with Cochran and Sloan and other witnesses in Bozeman - caused the Vulcans to militarize (why the military controlled the planet) and to try to keep their heads down and not draw attention until they felt like they were ready (and keep the humans' heads down, too).

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I had no problems with Bakula's acting, but I don't see how he could not come across as smarmy with the dialogue they gave him.
Captain Archer frankly reminded me of President Bush, and the fact that I actually LIKE Archer is either a testament to Bakula's acting ability, natural charisma, or both.
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