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Re: So what's with all the Archer hate?

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Bakula was fine
I had more problem with the way things were presented. With it being 90 years since warp was discovered and first contact and minimal alien contact. Prequals are hard especially when the canon was made up in the fly in much of tos. You are boxed in. May not have mattered but the te.mporal cold war and xinti arc were not compelling. Would have preferred more use of Orion's. As early pirate threat at first. Perhaps even kzinti. then lead into romulan war and fed founding sooner thanseason 4.

Agreed. Don't get me wrong, while not my favorite incarnation of Trek, I still liked Enterprise, and Archer as a captain. However, it is true in the first couple seasons, Archer comes off as stiff, unsure of himself, and while I wouldn't say he was a bigot, I didn't like his preconceptions of Vulcans at first. At least Archer did evolve though.

I attribute this to more of the writers WANTING to convey that Archer and the NX01 crew were in new territory, and wanted to write them with a certain amount of naivety and make sure we knew this wasn't a polished, 24th century Federation ship and crew, but just missed SOMETHING about the writing and it seems a bit forced. Maybe it was because they had many of the same writers and they were still used to writing for the 24th century era and were having trouble transitioning? I dunno.

I don't think this really had much to do with the actors themselves, namely Bakula, Trinnier, and Blalock, because I have seen them all in other works and they are decent actors. Maybe not Patrick Stewart level, but definitely adequate and competent actors.

I think the temporal cold war just hadn't been fleshed out properly. The Xindi arc, however, I remember seeing in first run and thinking "Why are we seeing this, and NOT the Romulan War?"

That all said, I think Enterprise gets unfairly bashed, mainly because it was the last incarnation of Trek and became the whipping post for fan frustrations of over-saturation and basically Trek running on TV from 1987-2005 with no break and new ideas basically being harder to come up with.
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