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Re: NEMESIS: the good, and not so bad.

JamesRye wrote:
Disrespect to the fans - why did no one question if B4 was Lore?
This one often gets mentioned, but to be fair there was a namedrop of Lore in the script -- but it was in one of the scenes director Stuart Baird cut from the final movie.

Romulan_spy wrote:
I really blame the director. It is obvious from his editing decisions and his comments that he did not understand or even care to understand what Star Trek is. He makes comments like "I cut the Data/Picard wine scene because it was too slow and I wanted to get to the dune buggy scene quicker". He did not understand the significance of that wonderful scene, he thought it was just a slow talking scene that was preventing the movie from getting to the "important" action scene. He approached the movie like it was just your average action flick and he wanted to pack in as many "cool"action sequences as possible.
This. Baird didn't have a clue. Contrary to certain opinions, the script does actually pull pretty close to television TNG in tone, with the exception of the dune buggy scene which was pretty much a vanity clause inserted only to please Patrick Stewart (an avid off-road enthusiast in real life). But there were a LOT of..... questionable editing choices made by the director. Baird himself even said outright recently that he hated being a part of a movie with such a rich vein of pre-history, where the characters had already been so well established before he came along. It's clear he didn't have the first idea about the appeal of TNG, and that he evidently did as much as he could to tear the heart out of that script.

That and he's bloody creepy. I watched the special features and commentary of Nemesis not so long ago, and the delight with which the director repeatedly talks about the mind-rape scenes is..... disturbing, to say the least.
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