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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

I might have read the poll wrong. Is Prime timeline everything except Abrams movies? Or is Prime Timeline anything about Kirk & Company?

I answered Prime - not because I know what "fans" want - (I don't think I really do, not well anyway) - but because when I think of Prime I was thinking of the Trek that came before the two Abrams films, as all being "Prime" and of all that, my favorite was in that group.

However, it occurs to me that the very first Star Trek was KIRK & CO. and the last two movies were about KIRK & CO. and no matter who runs the next 1 or 2 or 3 movies, they seem likely to be about KIRK & CO. and for me? Just for me? I don't really ever need another movie about Jim Kirk & Company - whether it swims in he Continuity Lake of JJ Abrams design, or jumps into the Berman Lake of Continuity, or dives into the Roddenberry Lagoon of Continuity - I don't need any more Captain Kirk & his merry band.

What is even worse, I don't need any movies period. Or new tv series about Picard, Or Sisko. Or Janeway. Or Archer, or Kirk.

I would like a tv series with new characters. I would like to see a progression of the federation and star fleet - AFTER the Dominion War.

Yeah I'm not going to hold my breath on that. It would not surprise me if there are less than 50 people in the United State that would want a new series about a new crew in that timeline.

Heck, people freaked about Picard before he came on. People freaked about a female Captain before she came on. People freaked about a Star Trek on a space station before it came on.

If CBS announced they were going to do a new series next year set after the dominion war with a whole new crew, no doubt there would be a huge outcry of people saying "idiots! who cares about a new crew??? We want Kirk! We want Kirk! Give us more Kirk! And Spock! And Scotty! And give Sulu his own ship!!!!"

I'm not really getting what I want out of them in new production, but that's okay, because it is mass media and it is appealing to the masses. Kirk & Co is very popular and it is what most people want and what will be made.

I just have to imagine... what I can't see made into episodes. Some days it's even fun to imagine.

So maybe I answered wrong in choosing "Prime" Because as I reflect on it - what I'm interested in (the period AFTER the Dominion War) - I don't even think I would call that PRIME TIMELINE - Kirk & his timeline seems to me more of a PRIME Trek timeline - just ABRAMS version is an alternate universe, but it is still the PRIME TIMELINE because it is all about James T. Kirk & his fellow travelers.

I am so confused. Past my bedtime. Funny as I get older, my bedtime gets earlier....
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