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Re: Who here actually works on a fan production?

Hi Alec,
As you know, but for the sake of others, I've created and produced Star Trek Secret Voyage. We are in post production of our second installment, to complete our 2 part origin saga. Graphic designer turned film producer/director/writer/vfx/sound engineer/make-up artist/marketer/editor/talent agent. In the trenches I've learned volumes and wore several hats as needed to bring a dream to life. Those on here who have been able to turn their passions into a tangible product are few and far between. It's awesome how great many have been to support and encourage one another. I poo poo those that are filled with more opinion than actual experience.
We've have only a few pick-up shots to film and a few more vfx to complete before the final edit is locked. We then hope to get it to an audio engineer (still looking) for final master edit and to work with our composer. Release is dependent on these details.
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