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Re: They really should have found a way to get Shatner on one of the m

With Back to the Future, you could argue that changes to the timeline resulted in his girlfriend looking different. The only thing you'd have to ignore is the reshot scene.

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Recasting is fine as long we all accept the conceit that, say, Jim Rhodes always looked like Don Cheadle, or that Darren Stevens always looked like Dick Sargent.
Now that's the kind of recasting that bugs me.

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But you probably don't want to shatter that illusion by reminding the viewer that, hey, this is what the other guy looked like, remember him?
Fair enough.

I heard about that end scene. Sounds better than I thought it would be. And I thought that Shatner turned it down but the article states that they didn't even ask him because they heard that he didn't do cameos.
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