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Re: A question for people smarter then I.

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So... yeah. I'm being told "I'm completely wrong," because I got a small irrelevant detail of mostly wording wrong while being correct on the main ideas.
You could have just acknowledged the mistake or moved on and it wouldn't have been a problem. Instead, you decided to be kind of smug and shift the focus of the discussion to another issue no one was debating with you. Plus, you questioned her sources and where she got her information, and then when she gave you her credentials (in addition to a link) you criticized her for listing her background like she was bragging when you were the one who asked.
Seriously, sonak, you asked and I answered. It's not like I said, "I have a degree in maths and ten years experience in chemical engineering, now listen to my opinions on psychology!" And if you're honest you'll have to agree that I've never used my credentials to back my claims on any topic where they weren't relevant (in fact, I don't know if I've ever used them before that way at all!). There aren't a lot of domains where my opinion is actually relevant, and I try really hard not to take residence upon Mount Stupid (I know, it's tempting!), but this is an area where I do know what I'm talking about. Sorry if the fact that my info didn't actually come Google University is a problem for you. And if the whole thing was a misunderstanding due to poor wording, then that's fine.
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Oh, and don't assume that the fact that you have a college degree or work experience or that you do some reading impresses me. None of those three things are exactly rare.
Yeah. You are not impressed by education, experience, or knowledge. That's just pablum.
I totally missed that juicy little tidbit.

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