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Re: Starfleet Procurement Policy Draft

Fine work on the Klingon summary, Nob. I enjoyed that you explained the name oddities from "Rascals" with a bit of gymnastics. A tad contorty, but not too bad. I generally agree with the assumptions and assertions you've made about the Klingons, and the idea of the ships being designed at a large scale and then scaled down as needed helps make me not completely barf at the upscaled birds-of-prey.

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So taking a stab at the power flow on the Defiant:

Warp Core > Warp Plasma Conduit > Primary Phaser Power Coupling > Phaser Generator > Phaser Bank(s) > Phaser Emitter(s)

For the TOS Enterprise:

Warp Power + Aux Power + Any Power > Energizers > Phaser Bank(s) > Phaser Emitter(s)

TMP Enterprise:

Warp Power > Phaser Bank(s) > Phaser Emitter(s)

TWOK Enterprise:

Warp Power + Aux Power + Any Power > Energizers > Phaser Bank(s) > Phaser Emitter(s)

TNG Enterprise-D:

Warp Power + Aux Power + Any Power > EPS > Phaser Bank(s) > Phaser Emitter(s)

Or something like that
I like it!

Nob Akimoto wrote: View Post
So question. Where are some potentially other good places to post this stuff?
Good question. I'd kind of like to post some of my Excelsior stuff for more feedback, too.

Nob Akimoto wrote: View Post
I think the TMP phaser experiment failing is a pretty good one. As for "pulse"-ish phasers as in burst fire weapons rather than continual beams, I'm not so sure on this one. Yes, we see phasers being able to do weird things like "proximity" bursts in TOS, along with the pew pew pew phasers in TWOK, but do we really see much phaser use after that? It seems like the primary weapons used in movie ships turns into torpedoes afterwards.

For the Defiant phasers, I think the assumption is more that they're meant to be difficult to shrug off with shield modulation. We saw in "Q, Who" that the array phasers could eat HUGE chunks (like 3-4 GCS worth of material) out of the Borg Cube, but once the Borg adapted the phasers didn't do much. So I'd imagine the priority for Starfleet would be phasers that can punch through (in whatever way) of Borg shielding. Like in FC, Defiant's phasers don't do a lot of damage, but they seem to consistently be punching through the cube's shields.
Generally agreed.

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The DS9 TM's section on the Defiant actually describes the pulse phasers operating a principle kind of like this - they're designed to let the charge build up for a few seconds in the emitter chamber before being released, resulted in the pulsed effect compared to a standard beam. This creates more raw damage on impact, but at the cost of a shorter effective range because the pulse disperses quicker than a beam does.
Huh. I need to go re-read that.

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Slight tangent, what do you make of the "megaphasers" on the Miranda? I had contemplated at one point making the things on the Excelsior's interhull the same thing, especially considering how close they are to the intermix chamber.
Going from the two main sources I know of for designs mounting megaphasers (Mastercom and Jackill), my general impression is that they're a heavier model of phaser than the bank-mounted units and are often employed either to give heavier punch in place of torpedoes (as on Mastercom's Daran class fast frigates) or to supplement conventional weapons for tactical purposes (as on Jackill's Hellion class heavy destroyers).[/QUOTE]

Your point about heavier model phasers in place of torpedo makes me think again of the TOS "proximity" phasers and of the supposed energetic non-physical nature of torpedoes during TOS. I'm not sure I believe in the latter, but it does kind ofeel like the former might be related to pulse phasers.
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