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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

Thanks, trekkler. I've been giving the transwarp chapter time to simmer in my noggin while I work on the cross sections, but I reckon it's about time to pick it back up.

Nob, I like your notion. I've been thinking that I like CrazyEddie's idea that the basic concept was a gleam in a warp theorist's eyes for a while before the actual development project, but impractical due to power and equipment requirements. To my mind, getting away from the overt notion of a jump drive, I think I'll redefine transwarp as being a logical theoretical extension of warp; whereas warp drive distorts space to negate the laws of physics, transwarp would completely negate the laws of physics in our universe by completely shifting the ship into subspace for a duration, which would explain the conduits.

I had previously thought that the new warp thresholds would lead to the innovations in transwarp, but I think you're suggesting the opposite, and I do think I like that more.
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