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Re: Peter David comic book story

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I'm going to speculate here, but I'd imagine the cancelation of the trilogy stemmed from two factors. One, the trilogy was several years' overdue. Two, Ordover had departed Pocket earlier and Marco was cleaning up his outstanding projects. Put those together -- very late, and a project that Marco didn't originate -- and you get a reason to pull the plug.

I have the trilogy outline and the first book (and the only one of the three she finished so far as I know). The trilogy had potential. The first book didn't grip me.
I corresponded via e-mail with Ann after the project was terminated. She was devastated that it was dumped so suddenly.

Thanks to the wonder of Yahoo mail, I found her email to me (dated Nov. 26th, 2004): "I wrote the first book, and the editors at Pocket said it was no good, so they rejected it. I'm sorry, it was not my decision and it just about broke my heart. Pocket has made it clear they will never again publish anything I might submit, and they are being very cold to me."

She sent me the draft, which is about 52,000 words (pretty short compared to what Pocket was publishing in 2003-2004.) I liked it; I once described it as "Star Trek on Darkover," and since I like both, it was right up my alley.

In addition to Allyn's speculation, I think it may simply be that the Star Trek market was contracting, and Pocket didn't see convenient slots for the books on the upcoming schedule -- especially books that were already years overdue, only 1 of 3 was even drafted, and that draft was about 40% shorter than contracted for.

Pure speculation, of course.

I hope it's OK to quote Crispin's email, seeing as how she won't get any more chances to tell her side of the story.
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